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Romans Road for Children Course Description

This three-week course will promote weekly interaction between students and instructors. The course will be assigned an online instructor. 

The course will be asynchronous, meaning that students will not be required to be online at specified times during the course. Interaction with other students through forum discussions and assignment completion can take place as the student's time allows each week as long as assignment deadlines are met. 

Students can expect to spend 8-10 hours each week viewing course video presentations, interacting with other students and completing course assignments.
Romans Road

The Romans Road for Children Course
The Romans Road is a method of presenting the message of salvation that has been successfully used for many years to lead people to Christ. In this course, students will learn how to use this method to share the Gospel in a simplified way with children. Through lectures, online class interaction, demonstrations and practice, students will gain confidence in their ability to share the truths of the Gospel using the Romans Road. Practical experience will be gained through using this tool with children, enabling students to effectively lead children to Christ.

Course Requirements: Although this course is not for credit, it includes weekly activities that the student must complete in order to receive a certificate of completion. Students should ensure that they can meet the requirements before they enroll in this course.

  • Audio Lectures - Course content will be delivered through audio files synched with PowerPoint slides. Time will be needed during the week to listen to each one.
  • Forum Discussions - Forum discussions will take place each week during the course. This is a key element of the online course that allows students and instructors to interact with the course material and dialogue with each other about the content.
  • Practical Teaching Experience - In order to implement the teaching methods learned in this course, a practical teaching experience is required in week three. After assembling a Romans Road visual, the student should present the Romans Road teaching to either an individual child or a group of children. This experience will then be shared in the forum discussion.

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