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Demonstration Descriptions

These demonstrations are provided to help you as a teacher become familiar with Bible lessons, missionary stories, memory verses, songs and more . As you watch these demonstrations to help you prepare to teach, you will see the elements that should be included as well as interactive ideas to help keep the children engaged as you teach.

Keep in mind that they have been created as a study tool, and they should not be used as a substitute for live teaching in Sunday school classes, Bible clubs or other children's ministry.

These demonstrations are offered online FREE and on DVD from CEF Press!

Demonstration Descriptions

CEF® Curriculum Demonstrations include Bible lesson, Gospel presentation, Gospel spotlight, memory verse, song demonstrations and more to help teachers prepare their lessons to teach in Sunday School or Good News Club. You and a group from your church can be involved in reaching neighborhood children in any place that they gather! Learn more about Good News Club. (Cost: FREE)

Summer Lesson Demonstrations include demonstrations of all of the Bible lessons, missionary stories, songs, the Wordless Book and more to help you as you prepare to teach at CYIA or other summer ministry programs. (Cost: FREE)

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