CMI Online

Tuition and Fees

Teaching to Transform Seminar Series


Individual Rate*

Group Rate*

First two seminars



Additional seven seminars
(price per seminar)



* Individual Rate allows one user access to the seminar for thirty days. Group Rate allows access for a period of thirty days for up to 50 people in a training setting .

Single Session Seminars

Seminars  Rate
Be a Better Presenter $20

Full Courses: Enrollment into Individual Courses

One Time CMI Application Fee = $35
Late registrants will pay an additional $30 fee.
(Note: A 20% discount on course fees is available to full-time CEF employees, CYIA graduates who are seriously considering full-time ministry with CEF or anyone who has previously taken a CMI Online course. This discount is available for the August courses only. Please contact for a scholarship application, the special registration link or for more information!)

Enrollment Type

Tuition per Course*

Administrative Fee

Individual 8 or 10 Week Course


$60 (non-refundable)

*Materials are extra and will range from $50 - $150 for each course including shipping and handling. Some courses involve practicums that require a proctor. Proctor fees for these courses will range from $20-30.

Payment Options

All payments for online seminars and courses may be made using a valid credit card. Processing is closely monitored and guaranteed to be secure.

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