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  • Promoting Ministry through Effective Church Partnership Presentations

    Promoting Ministry through Effective Church Partnership Presentations

    Church Partnerships

    Presenter:  John Luck

    In John Luck’s leadership of Good News Across America®, he has presented to hundreds of churches and will share various techniques on how to give presentations to church partners. He will focus on how to start the conversation, how to respond to what a pastor tells you during the conversation, and how to tailor the message to the one with whom you are meeting.  He will also provide tips and handouts to help you produce materials for your own presentations.

    • Overview

      Seminar Overview

      Welcome! This seminar consists of a presentation that can be viewed at any time, accompanied by student notes. This seminar will provide you with valuable information regarding how to present the Gospel clearly to children. Proceed by:

      1) Downloading and printing the student notes

      2) Watching the presentation

      • Notes

        Student Notes

        For this seminar, notes are available as a PDF file. Click on the link below to download and print them. Read through the notes. Keep them on hand so you can take additional notes as you watch the presentation. (Need help? Watch a presentation showing how to Download a File to Print or Save.)

      • Presentation

        Seminar Presentation

        The content for this seminar is offered as a video presentation. You will find a link below to access the presentation. Feel free to use the controls to move through the presentation at your own pace. Due to the streaming audio and video presentations that will be used to deliver content, a dial-up connection is not suggested.

      • Final Thoughts

        Final Thoughts

        We hope this presentation has provided valuable information for you and that you can implement principles in your teaching setting right away!

        Feel free to watch this presentation as many times as you'd like. If you know of others that would benefit from this training, be sure to send them here as well!

        Thanks for your participation and be sure to check out the other training available from CMI Online.

        • Frequently Asked Questions

          Seminar FAQs / Help Desk Instructions

          I can't open the student notes. What should I do?

          The student notes require Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view them. You can download this software for free online. Follow the instructions to download and install the software. After this process is complete, try to open the file again. If you are still experiencing problems, contact the Help Desk with the specific information outlined below. (Free Download)

          I can't find the student notes I downloaded to print. What should I do?

          Click on the student notes link again in the course. A dialog box should come up that asks if you want to "Open" or "Save" the file. If you click "Open", the file will open and you can then print the notes directly from there. If you click "Save", a dialog box will open asking you where to save it. Browse your computer's files to locate a folder you can easily access. You can also save the file to the desktop so that it can be found easily. Once you have saved it to the chosen location, browse your computer's files to locate the saved file. Open the file and print it from there. You can watch a presentation showing how to Download a File to Print or Save.

          The presentation file won't load. What should I do?

          Be sure the play button in the control bar at the bottom left of the presentation screen has been pressed to begin the presentation.

          Depending on the number of students online at a given time, the file may take longer to load. You will know that the presentation is loading by the bar that extends through the middle of the control bar. A gray shading will progress across this bar showing to what extent the presentation has loaded. Allow several minutes for the presentation to load and try pressing the play button again. (You do not need to wait until the entire presentation has loaded.)

          The presentation file requires the Flash Player plug-in to work correctly. Make sure that you have dowbnloaded this plug-in. Follow the instructions to download and install the software. After this process is complete, try to open the file again. (Free Download Click this link and then click "Agree and install now" in the yellow box.) (Note: If you already have this plug-in, you may at times be prompted to upgrade to anew version of Flash. If prompted to do so, allow the plug-in to update so that it will continue to play the presentation files in the future.)

          Due to the streaming audio and video presentations that will be used to deliver content, a dial-up connection is not suggested. If you are using a dial-up connection, the presentation could take a significant amount of time to load before it will begin to play at all. Allow 10 minutes or longer for the file to load before trying to play it.

          If after trying all of these suggestions, you are still experiencing problems, contact the Help Desk with the specific information outlined below.

          The presentation is not streaming smoothly. It is skipping and is hard to follow and understand. What should I do?

          Sometimes a file requires longer to download depending on its size and how many users are online and accessing the file. Press the pause button of the control bar located at the bottom of the slide. Wait a few minutes for the file to download and buffer. You will notice a gray bar moving across from left to right as this takes place. Once the gray bar advances a good length, play the presentation and it will stream smoothly.

          NOTE: If the presentation catches up to the end of the gray bar, you might experience the same thing again. If this happens, pause the presentation again and allow the file to download and buffer again.

          Can I adjust the size of the presentation slides?

          There is no way to adjust the actual size of the slides. The dimensions were set to be the most compatible with various browsers and screen resolution settings. If you are unable to view the entire slide, you can adjust the screen resolution settings of your computer to vary the way the slides are displayed.

          • Go to the Control Panel of your computer. (Usually this can be done by clicking on the Windows icon located at the bottom left of your screen in the menu bar.)
          • Locate the option for adjusting your Screen Resolution Settings / Display / Appearance. (This will be worded slightly different depending on what operating system you have.)
          • There will be a sliding bar allowing you to adjust the resolution lower or higher. Making the resolution higher will result in the presentation slides becoming smaller. A lower resolution will increase the size of the slides. A resolution of 1024 x 768 is standard and will probably enable the entire player to be seen. After you adjust the settings, click "Apply" in order to save the changes.

          You may need to experiment with various resolution settings to see what works best for you.

          The presentation is playing but there is no sound. What should I do?

          The presentation player has a volume control as well as a mute button. make sure the mute button is off and the volume slide is all the way to the right. If you have external speakers, make sure the speakers are plugged in and turned on with the volume turned up. Computers that have internal speakers like laptops may have a mute button and a volume control to adjust. You can also check your volume control program to make sure the slides are up and the mute is not checked.

          If you are unable to resolve the problem you are experiencing with the above tips, please contact our IT Help Desk. When you contact IT, you should send them the following information.

          • Your name and contact information (phone number and e-mail address).
          • Detailed description of what the problem is, including what you were doing and where.
          • If possible, copy and paste any error message that may appear.
          • Indicate the browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer) and the version you are using.
          • Indicate the operating system(Windows 2000, NT, ME, Vista or Mac OS X).

          The IT Help Desk will try to resolve the issue if possible within four hours during regular business hours (Mon - Fri 7:30-3:30 CST). They will notify you via email or phone of the resolution. If resolution cannot take place, you will be contacted by the CMI Online Administrator to discuss the situation.

          Use the link at the top right of this page under the "Help Desk" block to contact the IT Help Desk.