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    Biblical Basis of the Culture of Child Evangelism Fellowship

    What distinguishes our ministry from others? What should guide each decision that is made? What is the balance between being who God wants us to be and doing what He's called us to do? How can I explain these things to pastors, supporters and team members? This seminar presents the biblical basis of our six culture points and provides rationale for why each provides the foundation on which our ministry and decisions should be based.
    • Seminar Overview

      Seminar Overview

      Welcome! This seminar consists of a video presentation that can be viewed at any time. This seminar will provide you with the rationale for the culture points of CEF along with valuable information that will provide a biblical basis for each of the culture points. 

      • Biblical Basis

        Seminar Presentation - Biblical Basis of the Culture of Child Evangelism Fellowship

        Watch as Reese Kauffman shares the biblical basis for the six culture points of Child Evangelism Fellowship. This session was videoed live at the CEF International Conference in May 2011.

        The content for this seminar is offered as a video presentation. (Length: 54 min) You will find a link below to access the presentation. Feel free to use the controls to move through the presentation at your own pace.
        Due to the streaming audio and video presentations that will be used to deliver content, a dial-up connection is not suggested. 

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      • Final Thoughts

        Final Thoughts

        We hope these presentations have provided valuable information for you and that you can implement what you have learned right away!

        Feel free to watch these presentations as many times as you would like. If you know of others that would benefit from this information, be sure to send them here as well!

        Thanks for your participation and be sure to check out the other training available from CMI Online.

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